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NLC Creations

Hookah Lid for 20oz Tumbler

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This is the perfect gift for the smoker in your life, or for yourself! Enjoy your favorite plant in one of our custom 20oz tumblers featuring your favorite character, team, inspirational quote, or whatever it is you like! 

Add a Hookah Lid to any 20oz tumbler order. Your tumbler can have multiple uses! Drink & smoke! Simply wash your tumbler out with soap and water and then go back to using it as a cup after you partake in whatever "wacky tobaccy" product you prefer. :D Because of the stainless steel nature of our 20oz tumblers, when washed properly, there will be no residual smoke or tobacco flavor in your drink. 

The hookah lid comes with a silicone mouthpiece, glass bowl, and metal tube that reaches the bottom of our 20oz tumblers, for ultimate cold smoke inhalation. 

NOTE: These lids will only fit our 20oz tumblers. 

Please contact us with any questions before placing an order.


Hand wash only.

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