NLC Creations Storefront Fundraiser

Hey Ya'll! I'm Nikki and NLC Creations is my baby. The fruit of my labor. My honey pot.

I have the most amazing opportunity to open a storefront right here in Toledo, OH and I am putting in the work to make this dream come true. But enough about me, I'm gonna tell you why Toledo and YOU need a lil' NLC Creations in your life.

You know when you have those special moments that you want to capture and keep close to you but all you have are pictures in your phone? Well, I can take those pictures and memories and put them on products for you. You know that bachelorette party or babyshower that you want to give out the perfect custom and personalized gift that speaks from the heart? I can do that too.

I take your ideas, inspirations, words, images and designs and put them on products that you use in your everyday life. Tumbers. Mugs. Shirts. Keychains. You name it! I can customize it.

There are a plethora of gift items available online these days but for personalized items, it's much easier speaking face to face with someone to tell them your vision.

This is my "why". With an NLC Creations storefront, I can provide that one-on-one custom and specialized service to our people in Toledo and it would be fullfilling a lifelong dream I've had since I was a little girl.

How you can help

In order to make this a reality, I'm gonna need some help to get the ball rolling. This includes orders and donations to secure the initial deposit.

It takes money to make money and I am pooling all of my resources to help make this shop happen.

You can be a part of that by placing an order online today or by making a donation. Every little bit helps. Seriously, if enough people give $5, that adds up real quick.

So what do you say? Help me bring the dopest gift shop Toledo's ever seen to life.

Yes! Let's Shop
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I'd Love to Donate!




(This link allows you to donate through Paypal with a card, even without having an account.)

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