About NLC Creations

NLC Creations Owner Nikki Leigh

Hi! I'm Nikki Crawford. My business is NLC Creations. I create customized gifts, promotional items for businesses/corporate customers and provide resources for other small businesses and hobbyists to grow their crafts. My main products are DTF (direct to film) transfers, drinkware (mugs, tumblers, shot glasses, baby bottles, etc.) and apparel (t-shirts, hoodies, hats), but I also make a variety of other products. I recently opened a retail store in Holland, OH. I also participate in vendor markets and sell my products online through Etsy and this website.

I started NLC Creations officially in 2017 after watching a Youtube video of a person creating with a Silhouette machine. I fell in love and realized that creating for others is the field I want to be in. I love making things with my hands and putting smiles on people's faces by giving them something tailored to their personalities. 

I always like to say I've been an entrepreneur since birth. I want to use my business to empower others and give back to the community.

In my younger years, I grew up in poverty. I knew what it was like to go without anything. I remember times when there wouldn't be anything to eat. I also recall being left alone, by my birth mother, to watch my younger brother while she worked all night. We also moved around a lot. I can recall living in at least five different cities and an uncountable amount of houses. It was hard to make friends, and there was no stability. It gave me the need to build a stable life for myself and help others so they won't have to experience the same.

Around 12, I moved to Ohio to live with my father and stepmother. They showed me what it was like to have a stable home and never want for anything.

I started my business with stability and teaching in mind. I want to provide a place where I can teach others with a similar background as mine that anything is possible as long as you believe. I want to teach others to build businesses and learn trades.

I love crafting and creating and have always done so throughout my life. My love for crafting and creating came from not always having friends around and needing to occupy my time. I am self-taught in my craft, but this doesn't come easy to others, and I want to be the person to open up new horizons for the less fortunate.

My ultimate goal is to make NLC Creations a household name. I'd like to expand into a larger building, host larger classes, allow others to use my space to host classes, and earn enough money to build wealth in my community and give back to people in need. I am so grateful that I've found something I love and want to share it with the world!