Are DTF Transfers Right for Your Shirts? Here's What You Need to Know


When you're getting tees printed, you want to guarantee the best quality--but how do you make sure you get the best possible prints? It's all about the transfer. With Direct-to-Film transfers (henceforth "DTF"), you can get the high-quality, vibrant designs you're after on your shirts.

But what is a DTF transfer and how is it different from regular screen printing? In this article, we will discuss all of your questions and provide valuable insight into what makes DTF transfers so desirable in the realm of t-shirt printing.

Learn how DTF transfers are made, why they generally produce a better product than screen prints, and what considerations you should keep in mind before investing in DTF for your own shirts!

What Are DTF Transfers?

DTF stands for Direct-To-Film, and it's the gold standard in printed shirts. Using thermal-printing technology, DTF transfers are designed to print directly onto fabrics like t-shirts and hoodies. Unlike screen printing or other traditional methods, this type of transfer technology prints with durable ink that won't fade, crack or peel over time. It also allows for the production of much larger graphics and prints with more detail.

The other great thing about DTF transfers is their flexibility when it comes to fabric types. With traditional methods, you had to make sure your shirts were thick enough to withstand the printing process—but with DTF, you can print directly onto lighter fabrics without worrying about durability issues. Plus, you can print on nearly any type of fabric: bamboo, cotton blends, and even spandex!

Benefits of DTF Transfers Over Screen Printing

Are you looking for a pro-level way to get custom prints on your shirts? DTF transfers are an ideal choice over traditional screen printing and other methods. Here's why:

Quality: The print resolution will be significantly higher with DTF transfers, compared to screen printing. That means finer detail and richer colors.

Efficiency: DTF Transfers are faster to produce and require fewer setup costs than traditional screen printing. You don't need any extra equipment to apply the transfers—just a heat press machine.

Durability: Thanks to the special process used in these transfers, they are resistant to washing, fading and cracking, ensuring that your designs last longer. The transferred image also adapts better to the texture of the fabric so it won't peel off easily.

So, if you're looking for high quality shirts with professional-looking designs, you can't go wrong with DTF transfers!

Quality and Durability of DTF Transfers Printed Shirts 

We know more than anything you want a shirt that looks great and lasts. We're happy to tell you that DTF transfers are made of top quality materials and are built to stand the test of time.

Durable Materials

DTF transfers are printed onto a polyester-based material, while the other option is vinyl. Both provide incredible durability and abrasive resistance so you don't have to worry about your favorite shirt fading, peeling or starting to crack after just a few washes.

Quality Printing Process

The printing process itself also helps create long-lasting shirts. Each shirt is printed with high-quality inks that are resistant to fading and cracking. The special transfer is then pressed onto the fabric at high pressure and temperature for an even finish that adheres tightly to the shirt.

At the end of it all, you'll have a beautiful shirt with full-color designs that look as good after 10 washes as they did when freshly printed.

How to Apply a DTF Transfer to Your Shirt

Every application of a DTF transfer is different and depends on the fabric’s type, density and design. However, there are certain steps that always apply when applying a transfer to a shirt.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

The first step is to decide where exactly the transfer should go and make sure to measure twice -- you don't want it crooked or with extra space!

Customize Your Settings

Once you have the placement down, it's time to customize your settings for a clean application. The optimal settings depend on the fabric type, so make sure to consult your printer's manual for settings that work best for your project.

Timing Is Everything

Once you have optimized settings, it's time to press! Depending on the type of transfer paper and fabric being used, timing is critical - pressing too long or too little can either scorch or not fully adhere the transfer. As with decision of placements above, this is another instance where double-checking makes all the difference in ensuring perfect results every time.

Once done pressing, peel off the transfer paper slowly but steadily and voila! You now have the perfectly applied transfer ready to go.

FAQs About Using DTF Transfers on Shirts

If you're considering using DTF Transfers on your shirts, chances are you have some questions. Let's answer a few of the most frequently asked questions about DTF Transfers:

Is DTF Better than Screen Printing?

DTF offers superior quality to screen printing - the image on a DTF shirt lasts for up to 50 wash cycles, compared with just 25 for a shirt printed with traditional screen printing.

Do I Need Special Ink or Paint?

No - the unique inks and paints used in DTF transfers are designed to resist heat and abrasion, so they don't need to be replaced as often as regular inks used in screen printing. This means there's no need for special ink or paint when creating a DTF transfer.

Is It More Expensive Than Screen Printing?

No - it actually costs less money to use a DTF transfer than screen printing. The cost per shirt is lower due to the cost-savings associated with doing fewer color changes and using less ink. 

By taking these extra steps, precast concrete is resistant to warping, rotting, twisting, and sagging, making it the perfect choice for structures meant to last for many years.


In conclusion, direct-to-film transfers provide a cost-effective and high-quality option for shirt printing. Whether you’re a business needing high-quality shirts for branding or an individual looking for a unique gift to give, DTF transfers are the way to go. The vibrant, long-lasting prints will make sure your shirt stands out and shows everyone—literally— what you’re about. Try DTF transfers today and bring your shirts to life!

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